CNQ2 e.V. is a registered non-profit association. Our aim is to make the clinical picture of KCNQ2 better known in Germany and to support those affected with up-to-date information regarding KCNQ2. Together with doctors and affected families, we will fight for a better future for children suffering from the disease and their families. Our aim is to create a well-founded base of information and action, to make information about KCNQ2 available to the public, to support research in this area and especially to address those who are often overwhelmed by the diagnosis of KCNQ2 in the difficult early days.

We are actively seeking partnerships with clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders to create collaborations. Ultimately, part of the association’s goal is to use the information gained through research into the specific gene to better understand the underlying causes of epilepsy. The association hopes that a better understanding of the KCNQ2 gene will help decipher the secrets of the gene defect, which plays a key role in a cell’s ability to generate and transmit electrical signals.

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